Watch: Sophia Danai’s fiery & soulful single “Come Thru”

Sophia Danai

Sophia Danai’s “Come Thru” is a soulful fighter’s song, by an artist who has made it through a tumultuous time in her life to create music that is all her own. The singer and songwriter found her own path, and the track is a personal, rootsy reflection on that time in her life.

Ending “a tumultuous marriage” at the same time as a “bad production deal”, Danai went back to school for music recording so she could craft her own vision for her music, and the result is “Come Thru”, a track that feels like triumph, and a glimpse into Danai’s soul. “Come Thru” is raw, emotional, and it’s a fiery single that you could easily call a mash-up between alternative R&B, country, and even old-school soul. The single is a slow-burning groove that’s emotional and gutsy.

“I sing ‘Come Thru’ from the most unedited part of me,” Danai said. “It’s a way to channel my anger into something positive and connect with the audience on a very personal level; the words repeat and are simple but I never get tired of singing that phrase out. When I started singing it live, fans would come up to me and say, you need to put that out, and they would sing the words back to me with a big smile on their face. Even though it can be terrifying, it’s such a release to claim your space and stand your ground. That is one of the most difficult things in life for me, and it’s what this song is about.”

“Come Thru” is Danai’s debut single from her upcoming EP, Real Lies, which she recorded with Ryan Worsley. Real Lies will be released on June 29. Listen to more of Sophia Danai’s music on Spotify.

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Watch Sophia Danai’s “Come Thru”:

The video for “Come Thru” was directed, filmed, and edited by Jon Thomas.

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