Watch: Ria Mae’s “Hold On”

Ria Mae

Ria Mae is one of my favorite Canadian artists, and her single “Hold On”, featuring Frank Kadillac of Neon Dreams, hits a lot of raw nerves. The single is sweet, sad, and rather raw, with Mae’s angelic vocals mixed perfectly with Kadillac to tell two sides of the same story.

The single came out of a collaboration with Kadillac, John Nathaniel, and singer/songwriter Lowell, and the lyrics specifically came out of a chat Mae, Kadillac, and Lowell had one day.

“We were sharing how lately we felt unsure of how to engage online and remain positive in the current social climate,” said Mae. “We were talking about how easy life used to feel when we were young and how anxious a lot of our peers seem to be right now. The song is just an honest depiction of how this year is making us feel.”

Mae’s next EP will be released in early 2019, which follows her hit single “Bend” from the EP My Love. Mae earned Juno nominations for Pop Album of the Year for that EP, and Single of the Year for her previous single “Clothes Off” in 2016.

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