Watch: Pterodactyl Problems’ “Paresthesia”

by W. Andrew Powell
Pterodactyl Problems

Burning guitars and pounding drums are a big part of Toronto alt-rockers Pterodactyl Problems first single “Paresthesia”, from their album, Esoteric Hobbies. But there’s a lot more to talk about with their style, and the album.

Citing a wide range of influences, from blues, opera, and jazz, to rock, punk, folk, and heavy metal, Pterodactyl Problems have found their style through, what they call, “deep synergies and intense creative conflict.”

The album also has an important theme. “The songs on Esoteric Hobbies speak about a lot of the confusion and pain around growing up dealing with serious mental illness, either in ourselves or others, but also the joy and growth that can be found in the multitude of experiences that make up our early life.”

“Paresthesia” in particular was “originally written about a friend of mine but every time I look at the lyrics I see how her situation of leaving home, and going to school somewhere else, feeling isolated–they were all things I was projecting onto her. I guess I can only write what I know, and then pretend it’s something original and insightful.”

“This song is abrasive and aggressive, and some of the lyrics are disturbing,” the band added, but “we do not want anybody to take this song as a reason or a sign to end their life.”

Watch the video for “Paresthesia” below and then follow Pterodactyl Problems on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. (You can also watch a mean cover of Adele’s “Hello” on YouTube.)

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