Watch Son Of John’s new music video for “Country Pure”

They’re the “real McCoy”. Son of John released their new music video for “Country Pure”, and as they explain it, “We make music that’s authentically us–and that’s what being country pure is all about.”

Son of John are father and son country duo Javan Johnson and his father, Johnny P. Johnson; two generations of country lovers who love crooning, storytelling, and that down-home, classic acoustic sound.

“When you see the title ‘Country Pure’ you might think of cowboy culture or certain stereotypes of country music–farms, trucks, beer, blue jeans,” says Javan. “But the song is more about those people that wear boots and jeans in the middle of downtown Vancouver. They may have left the country for whatever reason but they’re authentic in the way the dress and act–their heart is still where they’re from–and that’s really the essence of the song.”

“We’re country boys–my dad grew on the farm in rural Saskatchewan, and I grew up on an acreage by the river in BC,” he said. “Even though it doesn’t sound like the songs on country radio–I don’t think you can deny that our music is country.”

“I guess it’s in my blood,” Johnny added, “like the line in the song says.”

Son of John take their influences from a wide range of country greats, from Merle Haggard, Blue Rodeo, and Neil Young, to Sam Hunt, Chris Stapleton, and High Valley.

Watch the official video for “Country Pure” below, stream more of their music on Spotify, and follow Son of John on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.