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Version 4.0: Lean and mean

They were three of the darkest days in our existence. The GATE had vanished into the void, threatening never to return again, but with hard work and a few well-placed threats, we’re finally back and theoretically better than ever.

While we were gone, the fat has been trimmed. We’ve been working out, lifting stacks of DVDs, and bench-pressing game consoles.

Never fear though, if you’ve come looking for our love handles, all that cast-off material will be returning. The GATEKeeper’s Blog, old interviews and articles, and even some choice video and audio – we couldn’t part with these things permanently so stay tuned for our improved fat zone archives.

And in celebration of the new, lean look, we’re also working on a few contests. You’ll have a chance to win GATE swag, movie passes, and whatever else we can get our hands on, so stay tuned.

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