Hedley tops 2008 MMVA nominations

Canadian pop-rockers Hedley have an early lead for the 19th Annual MuchMusic Video Awards, claiming a total of six nominations for their radio hits, “For The Nights I Can’t Remember”, and “She’s So Sorry”. The band, which is fronted by Canadian Idol finalist Jacob Hoggard, has been a perennial fan favorite at both the Juno Awards and MMVAs, but are going to have to wait until Sunday, June 15 to find out if they can take home any hardware.

Oscars in the new age

This 80th anniversary edition of the Academy Awards, the stripped down, but still over-long post-writers strike Oscars were interesting to say the least. A lot of geeky pundits were praising the great year Hollywood had in terms of the strength of the material on display, but I would argue the opposite.