The Macallan Lounge luxury pop-up at Harry Rosen

The Macallan Lounge

The Macallan Lounge at Harry Rosen, First Canadian Place (100 King Street West), is a perfect partnership that blends fine single malt scotch with luxury men’s clothing, and for the next week, until November 21, it’s a great shopping experience to prepare for the holidays, especially if you love great whisky.

From 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM, the premium pop-up lounge experience invites Harry Rosen customers to sample The Macallan’s 1824 whisky series, including Gold, Amber, Sienna, and Ruby, while browsing fine men’s clothing. What better way to shop for some of the best men’s fashion in Toronto than with a glass of classic amber whisky in your hand? Plus, this year marks Harry Rosen’s 60th anniversary, so the lounge offers an opportunity to toast the company in style.

Before The Macallan Lounge opened on November 10, I was invited to visit Harry Rosen to enjoy appetizers and sample some of the whiskies, including an extra-special treat: a tasting of The Macallan’s ultra-premium ‘M’ whisky.

The Macallan M
The Macallan M

The Macallan M retails for $5000 and is beautifully presented in a Lalique crystal decanter. The bottle alone is a work of art, and after sampling it, I can say that it’s one of the finest scotches I have ever tasted. It has a rich, complex flavour that is almost hard to describe. It starts with creamy dried fruits and vanilla, moves into spicy ginger and orange, and ends with a smoky finish that slowly creeps down the back of your throat.

Whether you’re a whisky fan or not, the 1824 Gold is perfect for beginners, or for mixing in a cocktail, while Amber offers a more distinguished finish that is perfect straight, or with a few drops of water to open it up. The Macallan’s 1824 Sienna whisky, however, is my own favorite from the series, and offers a robust finish that hints at spices and dried fruits. Sienna is second only to Ruby in the 1824 series, in terms of price and quality, but it is an easy whisky to enjoy.

Sampling The Macallan Ruby at the event, the whisky is very bold and robust, and it is not for the timid, but it is a tremendous single malt scotch that is impossible to forget. For experienced scotch enthusiasts, this is the whisky of choice, particularly if you want to choose a whisky that really says “special event”.

The Macallan 1824 series is available at the LCBO in Ontario. The Macallan M is available by special order through the LCBO.

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