Last minute luxury gift ideas for Father’s Day: Espresso, audio, cognac and more

by W. Andrew Powell
Breville Duo Temp Pro

Father’s Day is just around the corner, but there’s still time to get dad the gift that keeps on giving with a few luxury items that will put a big smile on his face. Whether he loves coffee, premium audio, cognac or champagne, or he needs a new shaving routine, we’ve got you covered.

Breville Duo Temp Pro | $499.99 [Pictured above]
If your father loves great espresso, or cappuccino, there’s no better place to start this Father’s Day than with a new espresso machine, and Breville’s Duo Temp Pro is a wonderful professional product to get dad started as an at home barista.

The Duo Temp Pro has every feature you need to make great espresso, from the heating system, which delivers the right temperature every time, to low pressure pre-infusion to get the perfect shot.

For novices, who may not know how to get the perfect espresso, the Duo Temp Pro is incredibly easy to use and comes with clear instructions, plus all the tools you need, from filter baskets to a beautiful stainless steel milk jug.

Best of all, you can go from frothing milk to pulling another shot of espresso almost instantly thanks to the Duo Temp Pro’s automatic purge function, which adjusts the water temperature incredibly quickly so you don’t risk burning the grounds.

Included with the espresso machine are four filter baskets, for pre-ground and fresh ground coffee, a 1.8 litre water tank, a razor dose trimming tool to get just the right amount of coffee in the basket every time, a removable tamper, plus the milk jug, cleaning tablets, and a water filter.

As a long-time espresso fanatic, I can’t recommend this wonderful espresso machine more.

Breville Dose Control Pro

Breville Dose Control Pro | $199.99
Making the perfect espresso means more than just having the right espresso machine–you also need freshly ground coffee, and Breville’s Dose Control Pro will deliver the perfect grind, from espresso, all the way up to pressed coffee.

Thanks to the Dose Control Pro’s stainless steel conical burrs, the grind is uniform and also helps protect the bean’s essential oils, which can be lost in less effective grinders. The machine offers 60 grind settings, ensuring that dad can get the perfect grind each and every time, no matter how he likes his espresso or coffee.

The Dose Control Pro also allows you to grind directly into your filter, portafilter, or container, depending on your needs, and it stores up to 12 oz. of coffee beans in the hopper for quick and easy grinding.

In case your espresso machine doesn’t come with the tool, the Dose Control Pro includes an adjustable trimmer to get the right amount of coffee grind in your portafilter basket.

While I’ve always had a grinder, I’ve been impressed with the quality of Breville’s Dose Control Pro, and the grind it produces. There is nothing like fresh ground coffee, and with a quality espresso machine like the Duo Temp Pro, it produces the perfect shot of espresso.

Sonos Play: 1 2 Room Starter Set
Sonos Play:1 Speaker Set | $379
If your father is an audiophile, or even just someone who really appreciates being able to play their music in any room of the house, Sonos has a great gift option for dad with a new Play:1 2-speaker set that can be configured multiple ways.

The speakers can act as left and right channels, for music or a television, or they can be placed in different rooms, playing the same audio, or different, right from an app on dad’s phone.

The power of the Sonos Play:1 speakers is also impressive, filling a room nicely with dad’s favorite music. They can also be placed in the bathroom since they’re designed to work in humid conditions as well, or place them on the deck for BBQ tunes during the summer.

Beyond the app for iPhone and Android, Dad can also stream music to the Play:1 speakers through a Windows or Mac computer, or through Network Attached Storage. Out of the box it connects to your wireless network, or it can be connected with a network cable. Maybe best of all, dad can expand the network with more Sonos speakers any time he likes.

Grand Marnier Cuvee - Louis Alexandre

Grand Marnier Louis-Alexandre cognac | $69.75
If dad loves cognac, Grand Marnier has a special blend–Louis-Alexandre –that he’ll love, especially in some special new cocktails.

Grand Marnier Louis-Alexandre is named after the man behind the famous liqueur, and it’s a specially aged blend that is less sweet than the traditional Grand Marnier that tastes of candied orange, softened citrus, and Earl Grey tea.

The long-finishing liqueur serves beautifully over ice, or in cocktails. As one example, to mix the Sainte Bigarade, serve 3/4 oz. Grand Marnier Louis-Alexandre with an equal serving of Benedictine, and 2 oz. Earl Grey tea and ice. Stir it, and strain into an old fashioned glass over a single ice cube for the best results, and garnish with a zest of orange.

Veuve Clicquot Rich Veuve Clicquot Rich | $82.20
If dad likes champagne, Veuve Clicquot’s Rich is unlike any other champagne available: it’s made for mixing.

Rich was made for simple mixology, so it’s meant to be served over ice, or with ice and your favorite pairing. Each fruit or vegetable brings out different notes in the champagne, making for a very versatile drink that still delivers a true champagne experience.

Yes, this Father’s Day dad can enjoy Veuve Clicquot Rich on the patio, served with a range of flavourful pairings like pineapple, cucumber, or, believe it or not, tea.

Sampling it recently, I was impressed by the simple notes and flavours that Earl Grey tea brings out in the champagne. It was sweet and refreshing, with the slight bitter notes of the tea complementing the same notes within the champagne. At the same time, peppers or cucumber were just as delicious, but offering much different notes on the tongue.

It’s a perfect opportunity to have a toast to dad, with something classy and incredibly fresh, and maybe best of all, Veuve Clicquot Rich is a luxury gift dad won’t soon forget.

King's Crown Gift Set Oil Defense

King’s Crown Enriched collection | $95
If your father has been using the same old shaving cream for the last 20 years, it might be time for a change, and King’s Crown Enriched collection is a three-step skin care collection that will change the way he shaves. Best of all, it’s free of parabens, phthalates and alcohol.

The collection starts with a cleanser that exfoliates using Papaya Enzymes and removes any debris on the skin and in the pores while also softening the beard for a better shave. When it comes to women, chin isn’t much of a concern for them to tighten pores at or take care of, because there are other regions which require dire attention. Amaira Skincare is one such place which understands hygiene, something that doesn’t inherantly find much room at certain less exposed areas of the body, & has presented us products which are exclusively for such areas.

After the cleanser comes the shaving cream, which offers an irritation-free shave using a blend of organic botanical extracts and plant oils. Those extracts and oils act as a barrier to keep the blade from damaging your skin.

Lastly, the enriched moisturizer helps energize and protect the skin.

I’ve been using the collection for my shaving routine for the last few months, and I couldn’t be happier. My skin has always been irritated by shaving, but with this new regimen, I haven’t had any issues.

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