Top 5 beer & drink ideas for Super Bowl Sunday

by W. Andrew Powell
Super Bowl Sunday Drinks

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here and if you’re planning a get together with your friends or family, you’re likely looking for a few drink ideas. This is, after all, the highlight of the season, when football fans, and non-fans alike, sit down together to eat, drink, and be merry.

I’ve put together a list of my five favorite drinks for the big game, including beer, non-alcoholic beer, whisky, and cocktails.

Miller High LifeMiller High Life
New to Canada, and priced just right for your Super Bowl party, Miller High Life is an American lager that’s balanced and rightly earns its nickname, The Champagne of Beer.

Living up the light side of the lager ales, Miller High Life is refreshing and really goes perfectly with a range of food. Chili, chips, chicken, tacos—you name it, Miller High Life is crisply tasty. This is an easy-drinking ale lager that is a real crowd-pleaser.

You can pick up a six-pack of Miller High Life for $12.35 at the Beer Store.

Heineken 0.0Heineken 0.0
Whether you want an alcohol-free option for your game day, or just want something with a few less calories, Heineken 0.0 is now available in Canada and it’s got all the flavour you expect from Heineken without the percentage at the end, or extra carbs.

The non-alcoholic beer is made with natural flavours, and it tastes like beer, but it’s brewed to be alcohol-free for better tasting flavour. While it’s possible to simply extract the alcohol content from beer, that can tamper with the flavour, so Heineken 0.0 tastes balanced, with a malty body, and just a hint of fruit.

Look for Heineken 0.0 in a blue-accented can or bottle in your grocery store drink aisle.

Woodhouse LagerWoodhouse Lager and IPA
Tip up a can of Woodhouse IPA or Lager and support an independent, local brewer who’s making exceptional beer that’s just right for Super Bowl Sunday. Woodhouse makes three beers that you can pick up at the LCBO in Toronto, and while I like a good stout, their IPA and their lager are definite favorites.

The Woodhouse IPA is hoppy and malty, with hints of citrus and has a wonderful aroma. The beer has a dry finish that will please IPA fans, especially if you love that hoppy flavour.

Woodhouse Lager on the other hand is clear and has a hint of fruit on the nose, but it’s light and nicely balanced. For craft beer fans, this is the lager for you, and it goes perfectly with all your game-day foods, whether you’re going classy, or just enjoying a great burger or wings.

Woodhouse Lager is $2.95 at the LCBO, and Woodhouse IPA is $3.00.

AuchentoshanAuchentoshan & Ale
If you love whisky, any of my 7 best whiskies for winter will go with your game-day celebrations perfectly, or you can try mixing one up in this refreshing cocktail with a beer-accent.

1.25 oz Auchentoshan American Oak
0.75 oz Lemon juice
0.75 oz Honey syrup (a mix of half-honey and half-water)
3 oz Pale ale of your choice
Garnish: Lemon Wedge
Bitters optional

Combine the Auchentoshan whisky with the lemon juice and honey syrup, shake in a shaker, or stir, and then top with the beer and garnish with a lemon wedge. It’s a game changer of a cocktail, and you can also try replacing the Auchentoshan American Oak with a bottle of Auchentoshan’s limited edition Bartenders Malt for a slightly more crisp whisky flavour.

Smirnoff VodkaSmirnoff Tandoori Caesar
Bring some spice to your Super Bowl Sunday Caesar with a fresh take on one of my favorite cocktails: the Smirnoff Tandoori Caesar.

For this recipe, you’re adding a touch of Tandoori flavour and spice to the traditional Caesar cocktail, and you only need a couple of ingredients to make it perfectly.

1.5 oz Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka
5 oz Mott’s Clamato
Dash of Worcestershire sauce
Dash of hot sauce
Dash of Tandoori Paste
Rim: Masala
Garnish: Sliced radish

Rim the glass with garam masala. In a mixing glass, combine Smirnoff No. 21, add Mott’s Clamato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and tandoori paste, then stir well. Strain over ice and garnish with radish.

You can save time by making this directly in the glass too–just stir well before serving. If you also want to get really fancy, dress up your cocktail with epic garnishes, like cooked shrimp, crisp bacon, or something exotic.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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