An Artfully Crafted meal with Belgian Moon | The Top Chef Corn Dog with chefs Francis Blais and Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento

by W. Andrew Powell
Top Chef winner Francis, and Les Chef winner Camilo

Summer is nearly here, and it’s the perfect time to take your home cooking to a whole new level, while enjoying a great drink, and Belgian Moon is offering both, just in time for backyard and patio season.

Working with Top Chef Canada winner, Francis Blais, and Les Chefs! Winner, Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento, Belgian Moon wants Canadians to see how they can take classic meals up a notch with their Artfully Crafted web series.

Chef Blais and Chef Lapointe-Nascimento worked together to not only offer some great tips for cooking, but how to take the classic corn dog, and make it perfect for your next meal with friends or family. It’s the most incredible looking corn dog that I’ve ever seen, and I love how the duo take something so ordinary and make it unique, while also teaching some great kitchen skills.

Belgian Moon's Artfully Crafted Corn Dog
Belgian Moon’s Artfully Crafted Corn Dog

Corn dogs are, after all, a classic summer dish, and they’re a fun treat, but Belgian Moon wanted to make them great, in a way that you probably wouldn’t expect, with a little extra zest, and the chance to learn something new in the kitchen.

Summer feels like that perfect time of year for surprises, like finding an ice cream truck coming down your street, or learning new twists on a classic meal. That’s exactly where Artfully Crafted comes in for Belgian Moon’s 4-part web series. There are so many ways to cook a meal, and I love how Blais and Lapointe-Nascimento have made these dishes totally unique.

Other recipes you can try from the chefs include a traditional smoked salmon bagel, Caesar salad, and they also teach some important knife skills, so you can up your cooking game.

Belgian Moon has also launched a giveaway for a specially curated Belgian Moon Crafted Culinary Experience that includes everything you need to make a special, Artfully Crafted pizza, paired with Belgian Moon beer, naturally. Enter by June 16th for your chance to win.

Watch the Belgian Moon Corndogs episode below with Top Chef winner Francis Blais, and Les Chef winner Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento, scroll down for the full recipe, and watch all of the episodes on the Belgian Moon YouTube channel.

And don’t forget to tag Belgian Moon (@belgian_moon) and share your masterpieces with the #ArtfullyCrafted hashtag on Instagram.

Top Chef winner Francis, and Les Chef winner Camilo

Top Chef Corn Dog

Serves: 4 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
( 2 voted )


  • Corn dog sausage:
  • 350 g ground pork
  • 150 g chopped bacon
  • 7 g salt
  • 50 ml 35% cream
  • 12 g flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp. mix of nutmeg, pepper and clove
  • Corn dog batter:
  • 190 g flour
  • 65 g sugar
  • 30 g corn meal
  • 6 g salt
  • 4 g baking powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 200 g buttermilk


For the Sausage:
Mix all the ingredients and refrigerate the mixture for at least 30 min. Then shape into small sausages (you can also shape into balls, but we like the classics).

For the Batter:
Mix all wet ingredients together, then mix all the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Combine the two and mix well. (You’re aiming to get the consistency of a thick pancake batter).

Bring the oil up to a temperature of 350°C.

Dip the sausage all the way into the batter, and use a spoon to remove it. Gently drop the corn dog in the oil. Remove once it gets a nice brown-ish tan. You need to flip the corn dog in the oil halfway through. Watch out, hot oil is very very hot. Let it sit for at least 5 min on a cooling rack before eating.


Best corn dog and mustard recipe as seen on Top Chef Canada.

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