Volkswagen Canada celebrates outstanding VW Owners with Volksgiving 2021

by W. Andrew Powell
Volkswagen Canada's Volksgiving 2021

The holiday season is a time for giving back, and that’s what makes Volkswagen Canada’s annual Volksgiving so wonderful, especially for amazing VW Owners.

Every year, Volkswagen Canada recognizes VW Owners across Canada who are doing good in their community, and around the world.

From raising money for down syndrome initiatives, to building community gardens, peacekeeping missions, and raising awareness for Indigenous communities, Volkswagen recognized 20 owners from coast to coast.

Looking at their odometers alone, four of the owners drove a combined 340,416 km in their journey to support their community and causes that mean something important and special to them.

Volkswagen is prioritizing inclusivity and sustainability, and Volksgiving is a way of recognizing those ideals. As a thank-you for their selfless work, and time on the road, the feel-good campaign gave these incredible owners dream trips and experiences to see the world.

“There’s something unique and different about Volkswagen drivers; they continuously strive to make a positive difference in the world we live in,” said Lynne Piette, Volkswagen’s Director of Marketing.

“This year, we wanted to celebrate our Volkswagen owners who go the extra distance in their Volkswagen vehicles to help bring communities together, make Canada a more inclusive country and to create a sustainable future for everyone. To celebrate their selfless efforts, we wanted to give them a fun and special experience they won’t forget!”

IIn the middle of some especially tough years, it’s wonderful to see some light in the world, and recognizing the often selfless work of people like Telara, Lauren, Sheilagh, and Stirling.

Watch the special Volksgiving video below and scroll down to learn more about four of the special VW Owners.

Telara (Calgary, AB) – 232,286km
A single mother of a 3 year old son with Down Syndrome, Telara has taken her Volkswagen Cross Sport everywhere – from day trips, to half marathons to raise money for down syndrome initiatives and promote down syndrome awareness. With a personal goal to run three half marathons of 21km to represent 3 copies of the 21st chromosome during Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Telara wants to promote inclusivity.

Lauren (Halifax, NS) – 61,835km
Working in partnership with a non-profit and the city of Dartmouth, Lauren used her Volkswagen Atlas to help turn a once dilapidated space into the Caledonia Community Garden that grows and gives back to the community. Building a sustainable environment for her, her three kids and their neighbours, Lauren’s odometer exemplifies her hard work and dedication to providing the community with a free food source.

Sheilagh (Brechin, ON) – 32,901km
As a humanitarian, Sheilagh has traveled the globe helping people from all walks of life. In 2007, after working on a peacekeeping mission, Sheilagh drove her Beetle from Kabul, Afghanistan to Cork, Ireland. Along the road, she brought hope, joy, and smiles to all the lives she touched.

Stirling (Spruce Grove, AB) – 13,394km
Not only a police officer, but a musician to boot, Stirling makes music about change and helping others. When not driving his Volkswagen to his next gig, Stirling volunteers at the Veterans Association Food Bank, sharing his music with others and raising awareness for the Indigenous community, mental health, poverty, homelessness to be a light in the community and bring love to others.

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