Five vital organizations to support this holiday season | Holiday Gift Guides

by W. Andrew Powell
HGG Charity 2022

Start the holiday season by giving back to your community and important causes for people across Canada, and around the world.

These organizations are helping communities and people in ways that reach from the biggest cities, to the smallest towns. Consider supporting one of these organizations today before you start your holiday shopping.

Canadian Cancer Society |

Like many Canadians, my family has been affected by Cancer, and vital research is still needed, as well as clinical trials, and so much more.

This year, CCS Gifts offers a number of ways to lend your support through specific donations, like donating for the Pink Ribbon Project, Immunotherapy Research, Childhood Cancer Research, and rides for patients to get to treatments.

To support CCS you can also buy products like their 2023 Calendar, masks, a pewter Comfort Heart, and holiday cards.

Read more about how you can support the Canadian Cancer Society in their story 8 meaningful gifts for everyone on your holiday list.

Global Citizen |

Global Citizen is not your average aid organization. The community of people is an action-based network that is working hard to defeat poverty, demand equity, and defend the planet.

Through Global Citizen’s app, anyone can take actions around the world and drive change with governments, companies, and entire countries.

Member actions not only support the organization, they also earn rewards that can include access to their annual concert in New York’s Central Park.

Find out how you can take action, and to help Global Citizen reach their goals, you can also donate money to directly support Global Citizen’s Recovery Plan for the World.

Nature Conservancy of Canada |

Canada is a natural refuge, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada is one of the protectors making sure that the country keeps nature at its heart.

NCC works with a range of individuals, companies, Indigenous communities, and governments to protect the natural habitats that sustain life here. To date they have protected more than 15 million hectares from coast to coast to coast, and you can support their cause by donating, gifting land, volunteering, and more.

Visit the Nature Conservancy of Canada to learn about how you can get involved.

Healthcare and Hospital Charities |

Canada’s healthcare systems are at risk, and they need your support. The best thing you can do to help our healthcare systems, and the people that work within it, is to reach out to your premiere and provincial members of Parliament and ask them to do more.

Canada depends on our healthcare, and we’re very fortunate to have free healthcare for everyone, but many provincial governments are not giving hospitals and staff the support they need, and that’s why the public needs to stand up.

COVID-19 has strained Canada’s health care, and it’s affecting thousands of people every month. While ensuring that governments protect these institutions is important, you can also support a range of hospital charities across the country.

Learn more about charities you can support through Canada Helps.

Community Food Centres Canada |

One in six Canadians can’t afford to put food on the table, and Community Food Centres Canada is working to help through national partners that build health, belonging, and social justice in low-income communities.

More than just during the holidays, CFCC can use support year-round to deliver on their promise to feed this national movement, particularly by advocating for equitable income policies, but also through a range of activities.

Learn how you can give to Community Food Centres Canada.

For more ideas on organizations that you can support visit Canada Helps, or read our story on important Indigenous organizations in Canada.

Photos by Mikhail Nilov, and Liza Summer.

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