A Diamond for Bell?

For the last two weeks I’ve tried to be patient, but as a great cartoon character once said, “I’ve had all I can take and I can’t takes no more…”

So, where is the HTC Touch Diamond? Telus has had the phone since August 14, but there hasn’t been a single word from Bell about selling the über cool phone. Is Bell just being coy about it? Slow? Or what’s the deal?

HTC Touch: It feels so right

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been toying with Bell’s HTC Touch phone, and I’m a bit of a fan, with one minor disclaimer. My first impression has definitely been on the “wow” side of things though. I love the size of the phone, the controls are straightforward, and I like all of the features. The only place where the phone loses me is when I actually make a call and boom, every application on the phone opens.

BlackBerry Pearl does business and pleasure

Blackberrys have obviously become synonymous with business. You can’t walk through any public place in downtown Toronto without seeing someone in a suit madly typing away on that mini keyboard with a dull, glazed expression on their face. Whether this is a bad thing is questionable, but the Blackberry has been trying to change its stripes with average cell phone users, and that’s essentially why the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 was created.

LG Shine 8700 stylish and fun

Whether you call it imitation or just following a smart trend, I have to admit that on first glance I dismissed the LG Shine as a knock off of another very popular phone that features brushed metal and an ultra-thin design. After playing with the phone for a week, listening to music, taking pictures, and checking out the features, the LG Shine more than managed to prove itself however.