‘Bachelor Canada’ episode five recap: meet the parents

by W. Andrew Powell
Dinner with Whitney's family

This week’s Bachelor Canada recap is courtesy of Citytv.

Brad’s search for love got serious as he visited the hometowns of the four remaining Bachelorettes–Bianka, Gabrielle, Kara, and Whitney–last night on The Bachelor Canada. Kicking off the hometown dates, Brad met Bianka in Mississauga, ON, where they discovered their mutual love of mint chocolate chip ice cream before sitting down for a family dinner. Though things got tense when Bianka told Brad that her parents only spoke Croatian, Brad soon realized they were all in on the joke, putting him at ease and setting a comfortable tone for the rest of the evening.

Then, from the sunny south to the rainy west, it was off to Vancouver, where Kara treated Brad to a private tour on her uncle’s boat. Later, Kara fought back disappointment at the news that her father couldn’t make it, but this time the joke was on Kara when he made a surprise entrance during dinner. Welcoming Brad into the family with open arms, Kara’s dad–and entire family–felt they made the perfect couple.

The next date brought Brad to Oakville, ON to meet Gabrielle’s family. But first, Gabrielle showed Brad her softer side, taking him to the local senior’s recreation centre where she volunteers each week. From there, they joined Gabrielle’s large extended family for dinner in her beautiful home, where Brad won them over by joining in on a post-dinner belly dance.

Last but not least, Brad was off to Calgary for the final hometown date of the week. Getting his heart racing once more, Whitney put Brad to the test on her own terms, taking him to an Olympic-grade bobsled track, which saw them reach speeds of over 100 km/h. Later, joining her family for dinner, Brad was grateful for their heartfelt words, but felt frustrated with Whitney’s inability to offer him the same and truly open up about her feelings.

As Brad and the girls reunited back at the mansion in Victoria, Brad got the rose ceremony off to an uncertain start by pulling Whitney aside for a last-minute talk. Then, with no one safe from elimination, Brad faced the difficult task of narrowing down the final three girls. Ultimately, the only Bachelorette who did not receive a rose was: Gabrielle, 24 (law student), from Oakville, ON.

Next week, Wednesday, November 7 at 9:30 PM (ET/PT), Brad and the Bachelorettes embark on a week of fantasy dates that take them all across Canada’s picturesque east coast. As blossoming love outshines dwindling passion, Brad must look deep into his soul to decide who is the right woman for him–but before he can, one Bachelorette gives him an ultimatum that may sabotage his chances. Then, it all comes crashing down at a rose ceremony that leaves everyone in shock and disbelief. Find out who will receive a rose and become the final two Bachelorettes as Brad continues his search for love with Bianka (Mississauga, ON); Kara (Delta, B.C.); and Whitney (Calgary).

The Bachelor Canada airs every Wednesday at 9:30 PM (ET/PT) on .

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