Jordan Gavaris on Felix and season 2 of ‘Orphan Black’

by W. Andrew Powell
Jordan Gavaris as Felix on Orphan Black

A lot of Orphan Black fans might be surprised by this, but star Jordan Gavaris, who plays Felix on the Space and BBC America series, doesn’t get recognized a lot on the street.

“My life certainly hasn’t changed at all because I don’t ever get recognized on the street,” he said recently in an interview. “No one would ever pick me out of a crowd,” Gavaris said. “Between the voice, and the hair and the makeup, and everything like that, I never get recognized.”

Gavaris is a charming, intelligent actor, and speaking to him after the success of the first season, you might not even realize he’s had such a big year with one of the big hits on television. Of course, the success of the series was a bit of a surprise.

We had “no idea,” he said, referring to the success of Orphan Black. The last time I had interviewed Gavaris was on the set of the first season, which feels like a long time ago now.

“I think when we did that interview, we were probably all sitting around going, ‘Oh, like five people are going to see this [show], maybe.’ And then, what do you know?”

Asking him about how things have changed for him, he notes that he doesn’t get recognized in a crowd, but follows that up by saying, “life is good. A lot of doors are opening, which is always a good thing. You don’t get the invitations to walk through quite yet, but it has certainly changed everything professionally for all of us.”

During that first interview from the first season, Gavaris had described Felix as “the beating heart” of Orphan Black, but for season two the actor says he’s finally “his own person.”

“That was something that I genuinely wanted to play with a lot because I feel like he was… an accessory to Sarah,” Gavaris said. “An accessory to Clone Club. He’s their tent pole and I think that it was really important for me to establish him as an entity outside of Clone Club. He needs to reclaim a piece of his identity because I think it’s been lost. He’s just said, ‘Yes’ to Sarah all the time. ‘Yes’ to whatever she asked him to do. ‘Yes’ to her lunacy. ‘Yes’ to her insanity. It’s time he said no, and what that does to the relationship–the strain it puts on the relationship, if any–audiences will get to see play out.”

Watch the full interview with Jordan Gavaris below, and let us know in the comments below what you thought of Felix and the second season so far.

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