The Ninth trailer premiere | CBC GEM

by W. Andrew Powell
The Ninth | CBC GEM

Get ready for bad baseball, locker room power struggles, and hook-ups in CBC GEM’s new comedy series, The Ninth, and we have the exclusive trailer premiere.

Debuting on May 16 on CBC GEM, The Ninth was created by Daniel AM Rosenberg and Michael Goldlist and stars Jess Salgueiro, Neil Crone, and Corteon Moore.

The story: Why the hell would you want to play for the Toronto Boxsprings? They’re a bad team in a lousy inter-county league. They’re owned by a crappy discount mattress store. Even their locker room sucks–stuck in the leaky basement of a local dive bar. Amateur baseball is supposed to be fun, but the petty squabbles, power struggles and occasional hook-ups on this team are enough to give even the most zen person a migraine. So why do these nine players do it Well, there’s a certain ethos to The Boxsprings – call it laissez-faire, life-affirming or just plain old hard-partying–that’s impossible to deny. The games may be humdrum, but the real dazzling plays happen during the after-parties. The Boxpsprings might be mediocre-as-hell on the field, but with a beer in their hands, they’re goddamned Hall of Famers! And when the last out is recorded, the real games begin…

The Ninth | CBC GEM

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