Melissa Roxburgh & Josh Dallas talk the fourth and final season of Manifest

by W. Andrew Powell

The fourth and final season of Manifest is back and there is a lot going on as the series offers some answers, new things to think about, and some very dramatic turns for the characters.

Part 1 of the fourth season starts streaming on November 4, and stars Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas talked a bit about how they’re dealing with these mysteries when the show picks up two years in the future.

“Yeah, you can take her out of the precinct, but she’ll still be a detective,” Roxburgh said. “You know, she is put in a really interesting position because Ben’s obviously dealing with a lot. He’s lost his daughter. He’s lost his wife. He’s not really focused on the Callings at the moment. And so she’s kind of tasked herself with running the ship by herself.”

Matt Long, Melissa Roxburgh, Ty Doran, Luna Blaise, and Josh Dallas in Manifest Season 04.
Matt Long, Melissa Roxburgh, Ty Doran, Luna Blaise, and Josh Dallas in Manifest Season 04.

“And she has Zeke, but she’s also lost her partner in a lot of ways, Jared, because she was left with indecision about what to do with the love triangle.”

“We do get to see the results of that, and so she’s kind of operating on her own a lot but she still has Cal and she’s kind of the one who is mainly going out on these Calling missions to figure out what’s going on.”

Ben starts out in a pretty dark place this season, and while his beard is amazing,

“One of my great achievements in life was growing a beard,” Dallas joked.

“I think the hunt for Eden is all consuming for him. You know, he starts off season four in a really dark place… and he has abandoned everything, including the people that love him and the people that are closest to him, which is why Michaela has been left on her own to try to figure this out.”

“Because as far as Ben is concerned, the Callings have given him nothing. They’ve only taken from him and he can’t quite see a way out of it. So he sort of digs in and builds not only a camp, but like a fortress in his grief. And he’s not leaving it and he’s not giving up on finding his daughter. So it is the only thing that he is concerned about and focused on.”

There are surprises in store for Manifest fans as more of the mystery is revealed, and Part 2 of the final season is still to come.

Manifest season four, Part 1, premieres on Netflix Friday, November 4.

Watch the full interview with Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas above, and watch our interviews on YouTube with: Matt Long & J.R. Ramirez; Parveen Kaur, Daryl Edwards & Holly Taylor; and Luna Blaise & Ty Doran.

Images courtesy Netflix.

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