Review: The Corporate Coup D’État

Instead of merely outlining both sides of the modern American political divide and supporting only one of them, The Corporate Coup D’État looks at the complexities that created such viewpoints to begin with, and exposing how views on both the right and the left have been influenced and shaped by private interest money, not the whims of the populace.

Review: GLOW Season 3

The third season of one of Netflix’s best original series, GLOW, might strike some of the show’s closest fans and supporters as an unusual change in direction. There’s very little wrestling and silliness for the girls of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling this season, but it’s hardly missed, replaced instead with a lot of character development and intriguingly diverging storylines for all of the core players.

Filmmaker Megan Wennberg dives into the world of Drag Kids

Drag Kids filmmaker Megan Wennberg didn’t know what she was getting into with her first feature. Yes, the Dartmouth, Nova Scotia based filmmaker knew what the film was going to be about, but she wasn’t prepared for the glamourous highs and fierce energy of the subjects she would be profiling in her documentary (which makes its television premiere this Thursday on CBC Docs POV): young kids who have worked tirelessly to become sensations in the world of drag and performance.