First and Final Frames

Film’s “First and Final Frames”

Cinema is moving, dynamic, and it's ultimately about great storytelling, and the best of film finds a way to mirror elements of the story. That's what makes a project like The Start of an Ending by Miguel Faus, and First and Final Frames by Jacob T. Swinney, such an incredible experience.
John Oliver

Canada, get out and vote!

Today is the day, Canada. It's one of the most important events in this country, and that's because we all need to get out and vote. The election race has been long and tiring, and no matter what the polls say, nothing happens until you actually go and cast your vote.
New Brunswick blueberry field

Once upon a time in New Brunswick

You may have noticed that it's been a bit quiet around here. Not that long ago I was bustling my way through TIFF, but a day after it was over, I had to get myself to New Brunswick where I've been working ever since. It's coming up on two weeks that I've been here, and the adventure continues for another week before I head back to Toronto.