The view from The Terrace

Live from New York

I'm writing this post on the 23rd floor of WestHouse Hotel in New York City on The Terrace, the hotel's beautiful patio that overlooks the city. From here I can see down Broadway, and across West 54th street. The city itself is humming all around from this vantage point, but it also gives a little clarity into what's around you from a kind of bird's-eye-view.
Whisky hot toddy

Cold season comfort with whisky hot toddy

March is one of those special months when everyone seems to be get sick, and since I caught a little bug myself, it got me thinking about feel-good drinks. Strong, black coffee or tea with lemon and lots of sugar are my go-to standards (strong coffee is always a go-to for me), but I've wanted to try making a hot toddy, and I've heard that some people think that whisky cures colds. Whether that's true or not, who can resist a little warm whisky with sugar and spices?