Review: ‘Shadows of Paradise,’ a documentary featuring David Lynch

Although it won’t likely bring many converts over to the practice and beliefs of Transcendental Meditation, Sebastian Lange’s genial and well meaning Canadian produced documentary Shadows of Paradise – which was made with the surprisingly extensive input of one of the movement’s biggest supporters, filmmaker David Lynch – will at least give viewers a distinct understanding of why people would gravitate towards it.

TIFF 2001: ‘Mulholland Drive’ Movie Review

In Mulholland Drive, David Lynch weaves a fantastic spectacle that dazzles with acting, imagery, cinematography and an intricately simple story that is deserving of at least a couple of Academy awards. This is Lynch at his best with one of the most wonderous, mind-warping escapades I can think of in recent years and it’s done as a two-part story that could almost be two seperate stories. Except you would have a hard time excavating the first part from the second. It is also almost impossible to realise, as your sitting there in the theatre, where one part ends and the next begins.