Force is strong in Volkswagen’s ‘Bark Side’ SuperBowl teaser

by W. Andrew Powell
Volkswagen's The Bark Side

The ad execs at Volkswagen must really love Star Wars. Either that, or they’re trying to tune in to the whole Star Wars ethos once again, since it seems to make almost any reference to the films an instant hit online.

Last time it was a kid who wanted to believe he was Darth Vader, this time it’s a chorus of barking dogs who just happen to know how to perform “The Imperial March” by composer John Williams.

The whole campaign leads into their ads for this year’s SuperBowl, and their Intergalactic Invite that will allow you to recreate the Star Wars title crawl on January 27.

Now if someone would just teach a dog chorus to bark the theme songs for “Greatest American Hero” and “MacGyver”.

Watch the teaser ad:

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