Weekly: Hotel Saskatchewan, ‘Travelers’, and Kindle PaperWhite

by W. Andrew Powell
Premier's Suite at The Hotel Saskatchewan

Some things are essential, and for me and my family, travel is one of those necessities that makes our hearts warm, and our minds happy. Even my daughter, who is only 3-years-old has said how much she likes flying and staying at hotels.

This year has been a big year for travel too–although I’ve had a few trips without my family, which is not nearly as fun. As always, my family and I had a few day or weekend trips in Ontario, Ford also took me up to Owen Sound in the summer, we vacationed at Walt Disney World in September, and then I was in Hong Kong for a week shortly after that.

Now I’m writing this note from the Marriot’s Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina where I’ve been visiting for the last day to enjoy the property after they completed a $12 million renovation project. The project updated the entire hotel, from the lobby and rooms to the restaurants and bar, while still maintaining the hotel’s history and classic elegance which dates back to 1927 when it was opened by the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Hotel Saskatchewan
Hotel Saskatchewan
Welcome at the Hotel Saskatchewan
Welcome at the Hotel Saskatchewan
Chandelier in the Premier's Suite
Chandelier in the Premier's Suite

Staying in the hotel’s Premiere’s Suite has been a treat. I can’t recall the last time I stayed in a suite that had two chandeliers, and the space is relaxing and luxurious with a classic feel that reminds me of some of my favorite historic properties.

The food here, from the hotel’s new Circa 27 (a nod to the year it was opened), is also excellent, from the buffet breakfast to the dinner menu, which features everything from pizza to local fish and Canadian classics like a Black Apron beef burger and even Saskatchewan Quinoa in their Golden Norquin salad. They also have an excellent Prairie Poutine, Lamb Osso Bucco and a Rider Pride Platter for the football fans.

My next trip, at the start of November, is heading down to Hollywood with Hamilton Watches for their Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards. That’s going to be my last big trip for the year, and it sounds pretty incredible. We’re doing dinner out, there’s a few special opportunities while we’re there, and I’ll be interviewing some of the celebrities at the event as well, so watch for that in a couple of weeks.

In terms of Hong Kong, I still have a lot to share from that trip and checking out the FIA Formula E Hong Kong ePrix. I’ve got about ten articles planned from the trip, which I’ll be publishing over the next couple of months.

But I’m also excited about getting back to covering television, movies, planning my holiday gift guides for The GATE, and celebrating Halloween before we get ready for Christmas.

Travelers stars Eric McCormack and Mackenzie Porter

My first new interview recently was sitting down with Eric McCormack and MacKenzie Porter to talk about their new series Travelers on Showcase in Canada and Netflix internationally.

Travelers is about a group of people from the future who travel back to present day from the distant future to help fix their world. The interesting part is that these travelers are here only in spirit, and have transported themselves back to the bodies of people who were about to die. Watch the video to learn more, or head over to the television playlist to see more interviews.

Kindle PaperWhite Halloween kit

Otherwise, I’m getting in the mood for Halloween by watching movies, and reading books on my new Kindle PaperWhite 3G e-reader. I’m going to share some of my favorite horror and Halloween-themed books, and a review of the PaperWhite, which I have to say has been impressive so far.

The screen lights up, so you can read in the dark, it can hold over 1000 books, and it comes with a free 3G connection so it’s connected whether you have WiFi available or not(!). Right now I’m reading some classic Edgar Allan Poe, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, and even a Goosebumps book for fun. I also can’t complain that the Kindle came with a case, a ghost emoji pillow, and chocolate!

Coming up in the next little bit I’m screening Marvel’s Doctor Strange and hopefully doing an interview for the film, I’m screening Netflix’s The Crown and interviewing stars Jared Harris and Vanessa Kirby, and I’ve got a couple of events to sample some spirits. That’s on top of sampling a number of products for the gift guides, and I’m also checking out some great men’s product (like the Rockwell Razors 6S Razor below) ahead of The Gentleman’s Expo on November 10 to 12 for their Gentfluencer program.

Rockwell Razors 6S Razor

Rockwell Razors 6S Razor


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