Air Transat The Cure for Homesickness

Air Transat and the cure for homesickness

by W. Andrew Powell

The holidays can be hard, especially when you’re homesick. This year though, Air Transat helped a few Brits living in Canada get a little merrier for the season.

If you’ve ever lived far from home, you’ll know what it’s like. Missing family, friends, and your home. Air Transat sat down with a few homesick people, and did their best to come up with a cure.

It’s a charming, wonderful little treat for the holidays. Equal parts silly, sad, and funny, the airline naturally has the best answer too; there’s no better cure for homesickness than actually being with family.

The British expats who appeared in the video incude:

  • David, who has lived in Toronto for 10 years, will finally have the chance to bring his son to visit his hometown.
  • Jim, who is getting married next summer in Toronto and was doubtful if his parents could attend, will now have the comfort knowing they will be by his side for the most important day of his life.
  • Zoe, can go home to be present for her niece’s birth in February, celebrating with her sister and family.
  • Joanne will have the chance to reunite with her family and friends in Birmingham for the first time in over a decade.

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