Dust off the blog, bring on CMW

by W. Andrew Powell

Julian Taylor and Staggered Crossing (CMW 2001)

Julian Taylor of Staggered Crossing (CMW 2001)

I have to admit it – this has been a bad year for me in terms of blogging. I’ve been staying on top of my columns, articles, and doing my weekly gig talking entertainment with Mike Nabuurs on the radio, but the blog has been getting a bit dusty.

The good news is that next week is Canadian Music Week and I’m gearing up to see as many bands as I can once again. I’ll have my camera in tow, as well as my Flip video camera to grab some interesting performances, and maybe chat with a few folks.

What I find frightening is that I’m pretty sure this is my ninth year covering CMW. Just to throw a few names your way, when I first came out for the event I was following Staggered Crossing, The Weekend, Lindi (Ortega), King Cobb Steelie, Annick Gagnon, Hennessey, and The Ashgrove.

The funny, or maybe more specifically sad part of that lineup is just how few of those bands are still around. Very few of those bands I mentioned in those articles seem to be around.

At the time I was also blogging about every single thing I did, which kind of makes me laugh now since now that it’s easy to do that, I kind of avoid it like the plaque.

Why you might ask? Because frankly, it’s as dull to read as it is to write.

Stay tuned for a revival of some of the site archives from CMWs past, and more about my plans for this year’s festival. I’m also open to any suggestions about bands or artists I need to check out. I’m getting loads by email, but feel free to post your tips below.

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