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My Lifestream weekly digest for February 6th

My Lifestream archive for the past week including my posts on Twitter,, and Tumblr.

Listened to 6 songs.

The new ‘Fame’ is so vapid. Too bad no one thought to put in a plot for all the shallow characters. Nice dance routines at least. [thegate]
Not going to lie, the Grammys make me want to barf. Ryan Seacrest’s intro for Taylor Swift was so trite. Get over yourselves. [thegate]
Michael Jackson segment = good. Lame-o retro 3D, not so much. [thegate]
Oh, look – some crappy ‘Star Trek: Next Generation’ movie is on. Has to be better than the Grammys… [thegate]
For your ‘Lost’ viewing pleasure, the season 6 character gallery: [thegate]
Jeff Bridges in ‘Tron: Legacy’: [thegate]
DVD reviews for the week: ‘Zombieland’ and ‘Amelia’: [thegate]
RT @BTtoronto: Dina Dishes it out with Kevin Smith, director of Cop Out, starring Bruce #Willis and Tracy #Morgan! Blog: … [thegate]
Listened to 13 songs.
One of my all-time fave films. RT @ebertchicago: George Romero turned 70 today. Four stars for "Dawn of the Dead:" [thegate]
Seriously need to get back into gaming. Someone hand me a copy of ‘Mass Effect 2’ and ‘BioShock 2’. [thegate]
Shared I see you….
Odd but amusing, and could be awesome. Reports suggest Howard Stern could replace Simon Cowell on next season of ‘American Idol’. [thegate]
Listened to 19 songs.
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