The Terry Gilliam Interview

There is a mythological character by the name of Sisyphus whose gig was to be condemned throughout eternity to role a giant rock up the side of a mountain only to have it role back down to the ground just as he was about to reach the summit causing Sisyphus to begin the process all over again.

Mention that to filmmaker Terry Gilliam and he’ll nod in familiarity as it sounds a lot like the way his career has gone over the last twenty odd years.

Jim Caveizel and Mel Gibson on set for The Passion of The Christ

Christ On The Screen

A strange thing happened during the mid-course of cinema history. It used to be that if you were to make a movie that featured Jesus Christ as a character the film was elevated to realm of classic just for that reason alone (The Robe, King of Kings, The Bible, The Ten Commandments) – but then, it seemed that, as in other genres like the western, those filmmakers with the guts and gumption to try tackling Christ have done so in a decidedly revisionist manner, and have had to weather fierce storms of controversy that were damn near indefensible. But what Mel Gibson has done with The Passion of The Christ could accurately be described as brilliant.

Mickey Rourke rising

Just ask Johnny Depp or Sean Penn or Brad Pitt about Mickey Rourke and you’ll get an earful of animated praise for Rourke and his work.

From the time Rourke announced his presence on the movie map with a very cool supporting role in Body Heat as an ex-con named Teddy who is teaching his lawyer how to build an incendiary device for an arson the lawyer is planning to commit through his role as the mysterious John in the erotic 9 ½ Weeks Rourke displayed that kind of detached cool that every two-bit punk actor in Hollywood has been trying to imitate for the past twenty years.

Profile on Kristin Booth

Currently, she stars on CBC’s Daring and Grace, which you can catch on YTV, but not too long ago she appeared in five episodes of Paradise Falls as Carla Collin’s lesbian daughter. Also in the past, she’s been on Traders, La Femme Nikita, Total Recall, and has had a lot of experience in the theatre, most recently as Olivia in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night as part of the Soulpepper Theatre Company’s Young Company.