Watch: Andrew Bayer’s “Immortal Lover” feat. Alison May

Andrew Bayer Immortal Lover

Andrew Bayer’s “Immortal Lover” is a gorgeous, ethereal electro pop ballad with one of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen in a long time.

Featuring the angelic vocals of Alison May, the song soars, and climbs, while the video grounds the music and draws the mood back to earth with the shifting shapes of the dancers ever-moving bodies.

“Immortal Lover” is Bayer’s first single from his new album, In My Last Life.  The video features dancers Anna Gerus and Peter Naku of the Ukrainian Dance Theatre, and was shot by director of photography Vadim Stein.

Across his new album, the music explores love and loss, through the ideas of reincarnation and immortality, which is something that’s not hard to see in the twisting shape of the dancers in “Immortal Lover”.

Bayer says that he draws inspiration for his music from a wide range of artists, including Kate Bush, Atoms Of Peace, Aphex Twin, and Talk Talk.

Bayer is on tour now with dates coming up throughout the United States. Watch Bayer’s latest video, “End of All Things” on YouTube, and then follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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