Listen: Kyan’s “Lonely River”

Kyan's Lonely River

Kyan’s “Lonely River” is a modern mashup of hip-hop and R&B styles that’s as wild as the lonely river he’s singing about. The song is frankly gorgeous, honest, and powerfully written.

“They used to call me lonely river, because I would go against the stream.”

Talking about the single, Kyan said, “We’re obsessed with labels, and I’ve never felt comfortable with labels and boxes or ceilings.There’s this expectation and pressure to ‘choose a path,’ but it’s always felt more natural to me to be more like a river… fluid, meandering and able to follow multiple routes to a given destination.”

“Lyrically,” he said, “that’s what ‘Lonely River’ is about; an awareness that you can be different and do things differently to other people and be comfortable with that. Art is found and beauty is made in the quirks, the mistakes and the freedom of expression. Lonely River is an anthem embracing that.”

We expect big things ahead from Kyan, so follow him on Twitter and Instagram for the latest and listen to the incredible song below.

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