Listen: Sophia Danai’s cover of “Wicked Game”

Sophia Danai - Wicked Game

Covers are an amazing art form, and Sophia Danai’s version of “Wicked Game” is one of my favorite in a long time. Danai delivers a sexy and electric rendition that’s riveting thanks to her vocals, and the fresh beat.

Danai also delivers an absolutely reverential version of the song that feels almost spiritual compared to Chris Isaak’s original. She breaths new life into the track, in part because of the rhythmic, pulsing beat that flows with her vocals perfectly.

I’ve featured Danai’s music before, and this cover makes me look forward to even more from the singer. Her latest single, “WYIL (When You’re In Love)” is out now as well on Spotify.

“Wicked Game” was produced by Jan Orsag, with guitar by Michael Meroniuk, and mixed by Matt Di Pomponio.

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