Watch: Jocelyn’s “Speak Up”

“Speak Up” is singer and songwriter Jocelyn’s joyful, feel good, debut single, and it sounds like just the start of a phenomenal career for the young artist.

The Omaha-based artist wrote the track with producer and composer Denny White, and talks about how bullying affected her, and how she beat it.

“‘Speak Up’ is about turning negativity into positive energy instead of letting the bullies drag you down,” Jocelyn said. “It’s about realizing that you are your own individual, so speak up and live by example.”

What caught me the most is just the power of her voice, and her style, which hooked me right away from the first few moments of the song.

Jocelyn is working on her first full-length album, and you can find more of her latest tracks on Spotify.

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