Watch: Marcus Haran’s Hot Boy (H.B.S.L)

Marcus Haran

Rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer Marcus Haran dropped his new single and video this week for “HBSL (Hot Boy from Sri Lanka)” and it’s a slick personal track that’s setting a new tone for the artist.

“Despite being stereotyped all over the world, ‘HBSL (Hot Boy from Sri Lanka)’ is a representation of the beauty and glamour of Sri Lanka,” the artist said.

Born in Paris but raised in Canada, the singer also admitted that his upcoming EP offers a departure from what he’s done before. “I’ve let go of all my worries and neglects and moved onto more of a dark, comical side that shows more of the sins, my thoughts and my upbringing,” he added.

Last year, Haran launched his conceptual EP, A True Story: A Soundscape to In-Difference, that got personal with his sometimes painful childhood; dealing with vitiligo, the rare skin condition; and being a refugee.

Coming through all of that, he said that he’s considering calling his upcoming album, “Scar Lanka”. “It’s more of a split personality and showing my flaws and having fun with it,” he said. “Talking more about things I can relate to, that being the upbringing of my young adult years, being around drug dealers, studios, snakes, ballers, women… And understanding loyalty.”

Watch the video below for Marcus Haran’s “H.B.S.L.” and you can stream the single on Spotify (note: the single is explicit on Spotify). Follow Haran on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.