Watch: Oh Mic! "Tuesday Night"

Oh Mic!

There’s always another day, but like Oh Mic!’s single “Tuesday Night” sums up so well, we’re always stuck with today, so why not make the most of it?

As we say goodbye to 2018, I wanted to toast some of my favourite indie singles and videos from the year, and “Tuesday Night” is a great example of a gem from Canada.

Oh Mic! is a Montreal-born singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and writer. One of his recent singles alone, “I Come Back Around To You,” earned over 100K Spotify streams, and 72,000 YouTube views alone.

The music-obsessed cinephile worked hard to get where he is today, and it took a bit of an internal push to get started.

“I listened to the voice inside of my head, and it told me I could do more,” Oh Mic! said. “I always loved music since I was a kid, but I finally just went for it. That was the inception. Now, I want to take listeners on a journey of the first 30 years of my life to the present day. We’re creating a meta-sci-fi-space-punk-adventure with super catchy alternative pop songs. I had an awakening; the music was the result.”

“This is the best way for me to speak to people,” he added. “I can say what I need to say so much better with songs. Playing guitar and singing are my favorite things in the world.”

Follow Oh Mic! on Instagram, watch the video for “Tuesday Night” below, find out more about him at, and see more of his latest releases on YouTube, including “All That Time Away” (feat. Limit The Switch).