Jadyn Lamb

Watch: Jadyn Lamb’s “Bad Sign”

by W. Andrew Powell

Jadyn Lamb’s “Bad Sign” has some great advice, and it’s a sad but sweet take on what happens when you have to move on from a toxic relationship.

The electro pop single has a serious tone, but it’s electric, pointed, and uplifting because it’s also so honest.

Based on real messages and arguments, and produced by Material City, the song has a very important connection for Lamb.

“‘Bad Sign’ is dedicated to my younger sister,” the singer said. “We’re best friends and I’m really protective of her, so when I saw her in pain it crushed me. When I heard her crying, I felt helpless. I tried my best to guide her in the right direction, and steer her away from heartbreak. But in the end, it was always her decision to make.”

“Turns out she didn’t need any help. She was brave on her own and put herself first, and I’m so proud of her. ‘Bad Sign’ was created in honour of my sister and anyone else going through the same thing. It’s okay to cut toxic people out of your life.”

Watch the lyric video for Jadyn Lamb’s “Bad Sign” below, visit her website for her latest news, listen to her music on Spotify, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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