U8TV: Year II Auditions

by W. Andrew Powell

One year ago, yesterday, I auditioned to become a Lofter on U8TV. Now, the process is starting all over again and the folks inside the Loft have a few events coming up to help them find a new group of people to live their lives inside the media bubble.

On Tuesday, October 2 starting at 12pm and going until 2pm, Jen and Tre are going to be at the HMV at 333 Yonge Street. Not only are they going be there handing out applications to be a Lofter, but they’re going to be doing it from a bed and they’ll be in their pajamas! Nothing says “lofter” like a dramatic stunt and people in their PJs! (Although having a tub with the Lofters in it might have been better!)

But, if you really want to be a Lofter for the year 2002, auditions will be running through the last week of October in various locations. All auditions will begin at 8 a.m., except for in Vancouver where auditions will start at 7 a.m. Callbacks for 20 finalists in each city will be held the next day, respectively.

The audition schedule is as follows:
October 29: Halifax: The New Palace – 1721 Brunswick St.
October 31: Toronto: U8TV – 332 Richmond St. West
November 5: Vancouver – Alliance Atlantis Cinemas, 2110 Burrard St.
November 7: Calgary – Chinook Centre, 6455 Macleod Trail South

As well, applications will be available at all HMV stores across Canada and on HMV.com starting October 2, 2002 or you can go to U8TV.com and click on “Be On U8TV”. For those who cannot attend the auditions, applications with photo, and optional VHS cassette tape, will be accepted by mail until November 8, 2001 at: U8TV, 332 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1X2. You can also call for more info – Telephone: (416) 848-8888.

After all the applications have been reviewed, 16 finalists will be announced on Monday, November 19th. As the U8TV press release put it: “[The finalists] will move into the loft from Monday, December 3 to Thursday, December 13 for the 2002 Lofters Boot Camp. Boot camp will take the 16 finalists through a series of on-camera tests and determine their compatibility and comfort in the loft. Viewers will be able to watch their every move on U8TV.com’s snoop-cams.

There’s also another reason to be watching the finalists. You see, people will get to vote on who they want to get in as a Lofter for 2002, but the person who guesses all 8 correctly will win a European trip! In early January the 8 Lofters will move in, during a press conference, and find out who their loft-mates will be for the entire year. And don’t forget, the Lofters each get to live rent-free and get paid $30,000 for the year. Oh, and they get to meet all sorts of famous people, musicians, actors, artists, and sleazy folk and do the wildest stuff on TV and live on the web.

I just have one question… how are the 16 finalists going to fit in that loft for the Boot Camp, and where does that leave the current Lofters?

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