Enjoying the best of winter in the Canada Goose Langford Parka

by W. Andrew Powell
Canada Goose Langford Parka

Canadian winters are wonderful, especially with Canada Goose’s Langford Parka. For the first time, I’ve never been so warm and comfortable in the wind and snow, and the incredible coat has helped me appreciate getting out and enjoying the season.

From hiking, sledding, and skating to just getting out for a walk, I’ve always loved this time of year. There’s just a world of difference between an average winter coat and a Canada Goose winter parka.

Everything about the Langford Parka is impressive, and it starts with the fabric and design. For this smart, stylish parka, Canada Goose uses high quality materials–inside and out–to offer a coat that’s warm, but not heavy, and it’s rated TEI 4 on the Thermal Experience Index, keeping you warm all the way down to between -15°C and -25°C.

In addition to a lifetime warranty, the made in Canada parka features rugged, high quality fabric with durable water repellent treatments, and incredible craftsmanship, stitching, and design. So while the outer fabric protects you from the wind and snow, the 625 Fill Power white duck down insulation helps hold warmth next to your body, keeping you warmer for longer in the cold.

Canada Goose Langford Parka with Black Camo trim
Canada Goose Langford Parka with Black Camo trim

Since the parka is a little longer, it also helps keep the top of your legs warm, but when you need to adjust, the heavy-duty centre-front YKK two-way locking zipper means you can unzip from the bottom to make it easier to bend down, get at your pockets, or cool down a little.

The velcro on the front storm flap, on the outside of the zipper, also ensures snow and wind won’t get inside the parka, while adjustable draw cords make it easy to make it more snug around your waist and neck.

The hood is also very impressive, because it’s adjustable, customizable, and still looks sleek and sharp. The strap on the back of the hood lets you adjust the fit so it can snugly cover your head, with a flap along the outside that can be extended or flipped back, depending on whether you need a little more protection for your face.

The removable Arctic Tech fabric trim makes it easy to also adjust the fit even more, creating a peak over your head, folding it down to move it out of the way, or allowing you to fold the hood closed more to better protect your face from the elements.

I’ve never felt so protected outdoors in the winter, and I just love the coat in graphite–it’s a really gorgeous grey that’s a unique shade from the usual parka colours.

Canada Goose does a great job of making sure that the parkas will stand up over time, and that’s thanks to all the smaller details too. On the outside, I love the strap across the back of the parka with the Canada Goose emblem. Around your face, on the inside of the storm flap, there’s a nice soft, durable finish to make it more comfortable. And the inside of the parka has a smaller zippered pocket on one side for smaller items, and then a larger pocket on the other side that’s perfect for your phone.

On top of everything else, I also love how well the coat moves. The design is fantastic and it allows me to move easily, from the sleeves, to my waist, shoulders, and head. When the hood is up, it follows my head movements fluidly, so I can see well without struggling.

Canada Goose Langford Parka

On the outside of the parka, the flap pockets are large enough for gloves or a toque, while the slanted hand warmer pockets are lined with a soft, comfortable fabric.

And for staying extra warm, the sleeves feature a heavy-duty rib-knit cuff that fits snug to your wrist so you can layer your gloves on top to seal you in.

The Langford Parka is available in Black, Graphite, Navy, Atlantic Navy, and Limestone for $1,150 including the removable Arctic Tech fabric trim. Additional hood trims are available in a range of styles and colours for $75, including a quilted design, and a reflective Classic or Black Camo print.

Looking to make sure you’re as warm as possible in the snow? I also love Canada Goose’s Journey Boots, the rugged and very impressive winter boots that are rated to -15°C that come in a limited-edition, air-tight case.

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