Breville Dose Control Pro

Review: Breville Dose Control Pro

Whether you have a great coffee system at home, or you’re just planning to upgrade to a premium system, the Breville Dose Control Pro offers a premium grind experience to get the most out of your coffee beans. Using high quality stainless steel conical burrs, the Dose Control Pro preserves the all-important oils in the coffee bean to make sure that you get all the flavour out of your next cup of java.

Grolsch's 400th Anniversary Can

Grolsch celebrates 400th anniversary with Canadian illustrator Dave Murray

Grolsch’s ever-iconic swingtop bottle was immortalized earlier this year when the company celebrated their 400th anniversary with a huge artist competition in Amsterdam. With 400 artists from around the world competing, they had to bring their own style to the Grolsch design, and Canadian illustrator Dave Murray was one of only 9 works that ended up being selected for a special honour.

Chuck Taylor All Star II - Hi-Tops

Converse introduces Chuck Taylor All Star II

Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Stars are classics. The canvas sneakers have been around for what seems like an eternity–debuting all the way back in 1917–and they’ve got some serious street cred. Aiming to bring a more contemporary look to the classic, however, Converse revealed the update to the shoe, the But last week Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II, which dropped on store shelves July 28.