Review: GLOW Season 3

The third season of one of Netflix’s best original series, GLOW, might strike some of the show’s closest fans and supporters as an unusual change in direction. There’s very little wrestling and silliness for the girls of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling this season, but it’s hardly missed, replaced instead with a lot of character development and intriguingly diverging storylines for all of the core players.

Review: GLOW Season 2

An impressive improvement on an already commendable show, the second installment of GLOW – a backstage dramedy set against the backdrop of a tawdry and kitschy all-female wrestling program from the 1980s – is the best season of any show ever produced by Netflix, period.

Review: ‘The Little Hours,’ starring Dave Franco and Aubrey Plaza

The idea of blending the 14th century bawdiness and morality tales of Boccaccio’s The Decameron with modern day potty mouthed deadpan comedy sounds like the potential recipe for a disastrously dry experiment in bad taste, but writer-director Jeff Baena’s The Little Hours instead strikes as a welcome, if somewhat uneven novelty. It’s strange, lightweight, and assuredly not to all tastes, but its unique set of sensibilities and influences are worth appreciating.