Film Friday: ‘Prom Night’, ‘Smart People’

There is a grim sense this week that the cinemas have become a dumping ground for third-rate films that the studios don’t want to release during the peak season, which kicks off in May. Whether that is the case or not, the list of sub-par films in cinemas this weekend is at least short. Keanu Reeves leads the charge as the star of the cop-revenge film Street Kings, followed closely by the horror remake Prom Night, while Dennis Quaid brings up the rear in the dark comedy, Smart People.

Review of ‘The Alamo’ starring Dennis Quaid as Sam Houston

When The Alamo is good, it is very good. The battle scenes are terrifically and terrifyingly stages. The characters are well drawn and memorable, and the storytelling is smart and interesting (for a change we have a film that doesn’t venture to insult the intelligence of the average twelve year). When it isn’t quite so good, it is still okay, it just feels a bit slow and uneven.