Sonos Playlist Potluck

A meal and everyone’s favorite music with Sonos Playlist Potluck

Good food and great music go together like best friends, and this holiday season Sonos has a new way to make your parties extra festive by inviting your guests to supply the music. Sonos calls it a Playlist Potluck, and recently I had a chance to experience it first-hand with Notable founder Julian Brass, who hosted the party, and Eatertainment’s Sebastien Centner catering the special event.

FIA Formula E HKT Hong Kong

Electric cars rule the streets at FIA Formula E HKT Hong Kong ePrix

The third season of the FIA Formula E Championship kicked off in Hong Kong earlier this month with the HKT Hong Kong ePrix, bringing the racing series to the iconic island waterfront, and featuring ten teams, 20 drivers, and thousands of racing fans. The Formula E is turning heads around the globe, exciting fans, and making it clear that electric cars are finally a reality that could help turn driving green.

Ford autonomous car

Exploring the future of mobility at #FordTrends conference

Autonomous vehicle technology is on the way in the next decade, and it’s positioned to change the world in ways that we’re not even sure of yet. At the recent Further With Ford conference at Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, the company offered a glimpse into their strategy for the future, going so far as to point out that they are now “an auto and a mobility company”.

Gears of War 4 Drone Battle

Xbox showcases upcoming fall titles at X16

Microsoft took the press and public alike through the opportunity to go hands-on last week with their fall Xbox One lineup at the X16 Media Showcase event in Toronto. They had a full complement of first- and third-party titles set for release between now and December, with a handful of already available games to try out. I was able to play a number of the games on display, read on for my impressions.

Samsung IconX

Review: Samsung Gear IconX wireless earphones

Wireless earphones are tricky. The idea of having earphones without wires is very freeing, and I’ve looked forward to owning a pair since the idea seemed even remotely possible, but because of limitations with current technology, there are certainly drawbacks. Make the battery too big, and they’re too bulky, or too small, and the battery life is too short. The Samsung Gear IconX achieves a good balance, with a design that fits beautifully in your ears, but not without some drawbacks.

PAX East: VR’s Big Week

The Oculus Rift recently saw its big retail release at Best Buy, Amazon, and Microsoft Store shelves. A virtual reality headset that began as a Kickstarter campaign, the company was ultimately acquired by Facebook to the tune of 2 billion dollars, leading up to it’s impending limited-retail release. There are still many people who preordered the device back in January with an expected release back in March, who are still awaiting their headsets, with their estimated ship dates having slipped to as late as August. This puts a big question mark over the viability of VR.

EA Sports UFC 2

‘EA Sports UFC 2’: Punch button

I don’t play sports games very often. I played a lot of NHL 94 on the Genesis, and NFL 2K on the Dreamcast. The last sports game I had spent any real time on was 3 on 3 NHL Arcade for the Xbox 360, and that came out more than 7 years ago. These games captured the feeling of participating in their real-life counterparts, and they were exciting to compete against friends. But I hadn’t found anything like them in a good long stretch.