The Black Chronicle

Oldrich Stibor on the next generation of interactive books and ‘The Black Chronicle’

In this modern age of innovative technology, creative media and audio books, an idea comes along that revolutionizes the way we read books. With the Kindle now loved by adults and children alike and having firmly cemented its place as the perfect reading companion, the next generation of interactive books have begun to enter the bookshelves in the market place.

Full Fathom Five

Book Review: ‘Full Fathom Five’ By Peter A. Smalley

With the ever growing Indie writing scene becoming a prominent source of new and exciting writers, one man in particular is starting to make a name for himself with a blend of clever, thought provoking and superbly written books. By day he is a Seattle based biochemist and in his own words, “If you can go to the grocery store and buy food off the shelf without wondering if it might make you sick, I’ve done my job,” however by night he is a writer and the author of several speculative fiction books.

Alien Vault

Review: Ian Nathan’s ‘Alien Vault’

There have been few films in the last 40 years that have truly changed the genre of sci-fi and horror at the same time. The only one that can really claim such an honour is Ridley Scott’s 1979 sleeper hit Alien. From its ‘B-movie’ beginnings to having a multiple film franchise and several video games spinoffs, the film has claimed multiple successes.

Author Christopher Heard

How Christopher Heard became a biographer to some of Hollywood’s elite

Sitting in a downtown Toronto hotel’s health club, dressed in a casual blue top, jeans and flip flops, Christopher Heard looks every bit as comfortable in this surroundings as he would in his own house. This should come as no surprise, as he has recently spent 2 years living in The Royal York hotel as a “Writer in Residence” while completing his latest book The Suite Life – The Magic and Mystery of Hotel Living.