DVD Tuesday: ‘Tamara Drewe’ and ‘Middle Men’

New releases this week on Blu-ray and DVD include: the steamy Tamara Drewe, starring Gemma Arterton as a journalist looking to say goodbye to her home town; Middle Men, with Luke Wilson as a problem solver trying to make a fortune off of the early days of Internet pornography; the light drama, The Romantics, with Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin; plus a look at the comedies You Again, and Life As We Know It.

Who watches the ‘Watchmen’?

Tonight was a big night for me. I screened what I can only call the first really big release of the year – namely Zack Snyder‘s Watchmen.

While I’m still figuring out exactly how I felt about the film, it’s safe to say that I really did enjoy it. It’s going to be a big release, although it’s maybe not the kind of comic book movie some people will expect, if they don’t know the source material.