Ender's Game

Rant: The ‘Ender’s Game’ debate

The first person who tells me that we all should ban Ender’s Game, because of something the writer, Orson Scott Card, did or said, can go stick a fork in their ear, because that’s what I believe they should do. Now, hopefully, my beliefs won’t override this person’s own good sense, and they’ll decide that maybe my opinion doesn’t matter enough to stick a fork in their ear.

Thankfully, I believe the same thing.

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2009: Console Games

For those of you still stumbling around looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, here are a few suggestions that may come in handy for that special adult gamer in your life. Including some of the best video games released this year, these titles are sure to please the person in your life who just can’t tear themselves away from their console.

From music and shooters to action and racing, here are a few suggestions this holiday season.