by Wil Powell

No One Will Save You Review | Fire in the Sky

An intoxicating and energizing mash-up of a home invasion thriller with an alien invasion movie, No One Will Save You is a film constantly able to take familiar ideas and raise them to new levels.

Expend4bles Review | Just Pl4in 4wful

The ludicrously titled Expend4bes is a sad, excitement free instalment of a franchise that didn’t exactly nail things the first time out and then got progressively worse with sequels that progressively moved downhill.

Radical Wolfe Review | A Ham in Full

Director Richard Dewey’s documentary Radical Wolfe is one of those projects that does a disservice to its subject by being disgustingly laudatory.

Golda Review | The Short Version

Well performed, concise, but underwhelming overall, Guy Nattiv’s war drama/biopic Golda succumbs to its own self-imposed limitations.

Strays Review | A Dog’s Lack of Purpose

It’s probably not a good sign to walk out of a raunchy comedy like Strays and being more struck by the level of craft that went into making it than the resonance of any of the jokes.

Back on the Strip Review | It’s No Pony

Overstuffed, shaggy, and only featuring a handful of chuckles, the aging adult dancer comedy Back on the Strip adds little to the lineage of Magic Mikes, Full Montys, and Chocolate Cities that came before it.

Jules Review | Undefined Friendly Object

Jules should go down well with viewers who were too young to appreciate the likes of Ron Howard’s Cocoon back in the 1980s, but are age appropriate for such a tale today.

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