Review: ’47 Meters Down,’ starring Mandy Moore and Claire Holt

On the surface, the open water thriller 47 Meters Down sounds like just another jump scare laden fright-fest where unsuspecting vacationers have a run in with some aggressive man eating sharks. The synopsis alone reads like something that’s indistinguishable from the thousands of films, TV shows, and books with similar aims. It is all of those things (well, maybe scaled back on the jump scares in favour of subtler impending dread), but director and co-writer Johannes Roberts’ work here is stylish, quick paced, and enjoyable enough to distinguish itself from an overcrowded pack.

Review: ‘The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography’

Errol Morris has made a name for himself as a documentarian on the backs of some heavy-hitting, serious films with intense character studies and startling revelations about not only major world events, but humanity itself. Films like The Thin Blue Line, Standard Operating Procedure, and Tabloid look at the dark, violent, often contradictory underbelly of human nature. While these are some the more celebrated films of Morris’ oeuvre, he has also dabbled in lighter fare like Gates of Heaven, Vernon, Florida and Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control, but even these efforts still contain some weighty overtones. His latest picture, The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography, is more in the latter category, but still a welcome anomaly in Morris’ career. It’s a charming, simplistic look at one kind woman’s passion for large scale photography; nothing more and nothing less. It’s possibly the lightest film Morris has ever made, and the director seems to be basking nicely in the glow of his titular subject.


12 Monkeys Season 3 - Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull

’12 Monkeys’ interview: Monkey business with Amanda Schull, Aaron Stanford, Emily Hampshire & Terry Matalas

The fate of the timeline and the world hang in the balance in 12 Monkeys. The show began in 2043 with scavenger Cole (Aaron Stanford) splintering back to the year 2015 in order to prevent the Army of the 12 Monkeys from unleashing a virus that would wipe out mankind. Along the way, virologist Cassie Railly (Amanda Schull) and enigmatic math genius Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire) joined the cause and have proven integral in thwarting their enemies.
Nicholas D’Agosto in Trial & Error

Nicholas D’Agosto talks murder mystery and comedy in ‘Trial & Error’

Murder has never been funnier than in NBC’s Trial & Error. The series follows Nicholas D’Agosto as Josh, an eager New York defense lawyer who ventures to the small Southern of East Peck Hill for his first case. Could beloved and eccentric poetry professor, Larry Henderson (John Lithgow), who constantly incriminates himself by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, possibly have murdered his wife? Hilarity ensues as Josh’s ragtag legal team of bumbling misfits piece together the clues and mount a defense. Tonight’s two-part finale will reveal who the killer is--and whether Josh has a future as a lawyer.

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Ford Moto Dreams

Ford unveils Max Motor Dreams concept crib

Parents have been there time and again: it's bed time and your little one just won't fall asleep, but when they're in the car, they seem to be able to fall asleep almost instantly. Some parents may resort to driving their wee ones around to get them to sleep, but Ford has unveiled a concept crib that may make bed time even easier.


The Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina

Regina’s historic and regal Hotel Saskatchewan

Historic hotels are doorways into a city, where you not only peer into the past and future, but live a part of the story the city has to share. Across Canada, some of the most incredible stories and spaces started with the stunning Canadian Pacific Railway hotels that were opened in the years following Confederation, like Regina's Hotel Saskatchewan.
Mama Shelter cafe and bar

Mama Shelter Los Angeles with Hamilton Watches

Often my discoveries of cool new hotels come as a part of a larger or much different purpose for my actually being there. Sometimes a cool interview with an actor or director brings me to their favourite hotels which then gives me the opportunity to explore and develop an appreciation for that hotel independently and sometimes it is a special occasion that is either specific to the hotel or specifically related to the hotel.