by Wil Powell

Platonic Review | Meet Your New BFFs

Making the most out of its perfectly paired leads, Platonic is a satisfying summer comedy that carves its own path rather than adhering to convention.

Jared Harris

Jared Harris on his father and BritBox’s The Ghost of Richard Harris

Richard Harris left behind a legendary legacy as one of Ireland’s most talented actors, and one of his era’s most buzz worthy public figures. He was a thinker, a tough guy, a poet, a father, and a lover, and the documentary The Ghost of Richard Harris explores all those facets.

Master Gardener Review | Heritage Variety

Although it’s yet another familiar tale of a lonely, broken down man trying to distance himself from a past that won’t stay buried from writer-director Paul Schrader, Master Gardener is also one of the filmmaker’s most uniquely hopeful entries.

Things to consider at a Pow Wow

Pow Wows are cultural celebrations of pride for people of all ages. These dynamic events showcase the drums, dance, regalia, food and crafts of Indigenous Peoples and Nations all across Turtle Island, the land otherwise known as North America.

The Starling Girl Review | Just As I Am

Although a lot of the territory it covers is familiar, everything else about writer-director Laurel Parmet’s coming-of-age drama The Starling Girl is exceptional.

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