Review: the documentary ‘All the Rage’

The health and wellness documentary All the Rage makes it known from the start that it’s kind of a mess, and such an earnest declaration up front goes a long way. A look at the work of revolutionary thinker and doctor John Sarno, the film by Michael Galinsky, his partner Suki Hawley, and their producer David Belinson blends personal testimonies, complex human struggles, and scientific and psychological research into an ungainly, but likable and often uplifting final product.

Review: ‘Lady Macbeth,’ starring Florence Pugh

One of the most quietly dazzling and nuanced debut features in recent memory, William Oldroyd’s subtly nasty Lady Macbeth heralds the arrival of several major new voices in film. It’s a tightly crafted and exceptionally well directed period piece spawned from an appropriately weighty script and anchored by a still emerging leading talent delivering one of the year’s best performance. Lady Macbeth isn’t a traditional feel good movie or revenge narrative by any stretch, but it’s some of the most devilish fun artistically inclined audiences can have while squirming uncomfortably in their seats.


The Wild Summer of Wynonna Earp’s Varun Saranga

Actor Varun Saranga is having the busiest summer of his professional life this year, and he’s relishing every moment of it. The Scarborough, Ontario native recently joined the ensemble cast of the SyFy and Space original series Wynonna Earp (airing on Fridays at 10pm) for the second season, and it was recently announced this past weekend that it would be returning for a third next year. But for the already veteran performer and emerging filmmaker, Wynonna Earp and his groundbreaking character on the show are only the start of the new whirlwind phase of his career.
GLOW on Netflix

Amplify: Netflix celebrates women, together

Change is empowering women--from the Women's Marches in the United States, and female mentorship programs like Sheryl Sandberg’s #LeanInTogether--and on television Netflix has been a strong supporter of bringing women together, and to the forefront of their own stories.

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Ford Moto Dreams

Ford unveils Max Motor Dreams concept crib

Parents have been there time and again: it's bed time and your little one just won't fall asleep, but when they're in the car, they seem to be able to fall asleep almost instantly. Some parents may resort to driving their wee ones around to get them to sleep, but Ford has unveiled a concept crib that may make bed time even easier.


The Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina

Regina’s historic and regal Hotel Saskatchewan

Historic hotels are doorways into a city, where you not only peer into the past and future, but live a part of the story the city has to share. Across Canada, some of the most incredible stories and spaces started with the stunning Canadian Pacific Railway hotels that were opened in the years following Confederation, like Regina's Hotel Saskatchewan.
Mama Shelter cafe and bar

Mama Shelter Los Angeles with Hamilton Watches

Often my discoveries of cool new hotels come as a part of a larger or much different purpose for my actually being there. Sometimes a cool interview with an actor or director brings me to their favourite hotels which then gives me the opportunity to explore and develop an appreciation for that hotel independently and sometimes it is a special occasion that is either specific to the hotel or specifically related to the hotel.



Video premiere: Iduna’s “Strike The Set”

Toronto's Iduna want to bring back the alternative rock that they grew up on in the 90s. For the mindful, alternative quartet, growing up on Toronto's festivals and music venues inspired them to follow their influences and deliver a mix of heavy, soulful, and high energy rock and roll.