Check out the toothy cookie that greeted me on the set of–what else–Hemlock Grove last week here in Toronto. Thanks to the folks at Netflix, I got a sneak peek of the second season, a tour of the set, and interviewed most of the cast, including Joel de la Fuente, Bill Skarsgård, Dougray Scott, and Famke Janssen.

Yes, it was a big day, and everyone was really wonderful. I have to say a big thank-you to the stars, and the show’s behind-the-scenes team who met with us as well to talk about next season’s effects and what it takes to make the show a reality.

You’ll just have to wait a while for any of the best tidbits about the set visit–until the second season is set to return, actually–but it was an eye-opening day. There’s nothing like spending a full eight-plus hours on a set to really get an understanding for what’s going on.

The only tidbit I will say is that new showrunner (essentially, for those who don’t know, the person responsible for the show’s direction and overall concept) Charles “Chic” Eglee gave us some of the best insights into the upcoming season, and he was absolutely wonderful to interview. Stay tuned for more in a few weeks, once season two of Hemlock Grove gets a release date.

(Also, in case you’re wondering, the cookie was delicious. There were also cupcake treats that had bloody slash marks across them, but the cookie was my personal favorite.)

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