The ‘American Idol’ contestant sex tape

Olivia Mojica: welcome to your newfound celebrity status. In case you don’t know her name, Mojica was a little-known contestant from season 2 of American Idol, only making it into the top twenty-four semi-finalists, but a new sex tape that’s about to be released from adult video company Vivid Entertainment could change all that. Olivia, who was dubbed one of the “best of the rest” on the show, apparently filmed an explicit sex tape with her boyfriend when she was just eighteen, and now it’s going public under the title Hardcore Idol.

‘Get Smart’ begins filming in LA

Get out your shoe phones – Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow have started production on the comedy Get Smart, the big screen adaptation of the classic TV series of the same name. Yes, it could be one of the most important films ever made. Not buying it? Would you be the believe the most important film being made this month? Still no? How about the most important comedy announcement we heard about this week?

‘Perfect Stranger’ @ MuchMusic

Halle Berry and Giovanni Ribisi stopped by MuchMusic last night to host MuchOnDemand and to visit with their fans. They were in town promoting their latest film, the sexual thriller Perfect Stranger, which stars Berry as an investigative reporter who finds out that her friend’s murder might be connected to powerful ad executive, played by Bruce Willis. Ribisi plays Berry’s associate, who helps her go under cover.

The Terry Gilliam Interview

There is a mythological character by the name of Sisyphus whose gig was to be condemned throughout eternity to role a giant rock up the side of a mountain only to have it role back down to the ground just as he was about to reach the summit causing Sisyphus to begin the process all over again.

Mention that to filmmaker Terry Gilliam and he’ll nod in familiarity as it sounds a lot like the way his career has gone over the last twenty odd years.