Bat-Pod zooms into Toronto

Warner Bros. hardly needs to do any work to promote the eagerly anticipated Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, but Toronto fans have a cool opportunity this week with the arrival of the Bat-Pod. That’s right, see Batman’s cool, new ride before the film debuts on July 18. Plus, the Tumbler, Batman’s “tank” from the first film will also be on-hand.

Oscars in the new age

This 80th anniversary edition of the Academy Awards, the stripped down, but still over-long post-writers strike Oscars were interesting to say the least. A lot of geeky pundits were praising the great year Hollywood had in terms of the strength of the material on display, but I would argue the opposite.

Remembering 70’s actor Roy Scheider

Amidst all the speculation on what caused the death of Heath Ledger and the endless talk about Britney Spears and her sad and tragic life, another actor passed from this mortal coil, and this is a guy that should be noticed and should be talked about. He was a terrific but underrated actor who should have been ranked right up there with the likes of Steve McQueen – but it just didn’t quite click for him.

On Strike! WGA vs. Show Business

The strike called by the Writer’s Guild of America is now well into its second month as picket lines went up on November 5, 2007. Over 12,000 members of the WGA have been pounding the pavement and speaking out against their main target – the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. What is at issue here is money (what else is always at issue in labour disputes between unions and powerful companies or associations?)