Watch: KING’s steamy, sultry “Mango”


Layered, sultry, and steamy, “Mango” by KING is an R&B banger with deeply spicy Cuban flare. KING is confidant, catchy, and fun, and the single feels like a warm breeze blowing across a tropical beach.

“In Cuba, a hot guy is often called a ‘mango’,” KING said of the track. “I’ve been wanting to make a record that celebrates my Cuban heritage for a while now, so when I hooked up with one of my writers and he played me this melody, the line ‘tu eres mi mango’ just came into my head and the song wrote itself from there,” adding that she “had to fight hard to get this record made.”

And it didn’t hurt that her “a cynical old musician” father was one of the champions of the single. “That’s the one,” he said.

Once the label heard the track though, they were thrilled with the results.

The video was directed by Glashier.

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